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This weblog Doronize, is a passion driven project established to guide beginners, including advanced Cryptopreneurs (i.e. Bitcoin Investors and Collectors) in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. In other words, the platform is for enlightening individuals who would like to engage in making money fast online with bitcoin investments and cryptocurrency trading.

It’s always updated with resources gathered from my own experiences throughout the journey of learning fintech to help and support individuals who has love for the Coin Market Capitalization. You can…

Why you should always visit this blog

The major reason for establishing this blog is to help individuals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts gain more knowledge on how to earn more money by trading and investing in blockchain tokens DApps.

But who is behind this blog?

The man behind the blog Doronize is named, Mr. KingsHOK (Popularly known as Kings). Actually, he revealed that the name is combination of both his nickname – an acronym to all his real names, but before we proceed, let’s make it clear that he graduated as an Accountant with BSc.

What’s his connection with Fintech and Blockchain?

He realized that Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Trading, Bitcoin Investment etc. and blogging is an easy way to make decent income online.

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