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The Billion Coin Scam: See why TBC is not a legit Cryptocurrency

The Billion Coin claimed to be the rival to challenge Bitcoin, but based on logistics, it hadn’t any Crytocurrency analytical history.



The Billion Coin Scam

Have you heard of The Billion Coin (TBC)?

During the time when ponzi schemes like MMM and the rest of all other MLM schemes where at their peak of reign, comes this raving scam called TBC (a.k.a The Billion Coin).

This coin claims to be the rival that will challenge Bitcoins, but based on logistics, it never had any Crytocurrency analytical background and historical origin. Somehow, it found its way to gain exposure in Nigeria.

A lot of people are currently buying this scam coin with the mind and baseless assumptions that it will soon have a blockchain and also become a popular coin just like Bitcoin.

Anyways, I will not discourage anyone who still wants to buy this particular coin after reading this, but in my own opinion, I will say that this is a huge scam waiting to engulf every asset it can attract before disappearing into the thin air. Before we conclude on weither it’s risky to invest in it or not, let me use this opportunity to differentiate and also exposure the historical analysis I personal made concerning this coin in particular.

What is The Billion Coin (TBC)?

The billion coin (TBC) claims to be a cryptocurrency that was invented in March, 2016, but by who?

However, it also claimed that it’s market value and price increases on daily basis, and never goes down in value which means it is not in anyway affected by the logic of the market which is based on the demand and supply of a cryptocurrency. The billion coin is claimed to be a user based and is determined by the number of verify users — who are these verified users and on which terms were they verified?

TBC formula: The Price = Number of Verified Members x 1€.

Which means if TBC reaches 1 billion users, each TBC coin will be
worth 1 billion euros.

In my own opinion, it can be concluded that TBC’s ideology is totally different from the concept of all other cryptocurrency which is seen as a digital medium of exchange that is made possible by some certain cryptographic principles.

Crryptocurrency are designed to operate as a decentralised and an open source they are either base on the proof of work or proof of stake. TBC claims to be based on the proof of work, but the miners are not shown on their public ledger.

Typical cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin and ripple and many others utilizes the blockchain technology the right way by making use of encryption techniques to create and secure transaction, while TBC seems to be doing the opposite — no blockchain and no records of transactions.

In conclusion The billion coin (TBC) is not a cryptocurrency and should not be regarded as one. In the traditional sense, it’s the opposite of the cutting edge of financial revolution cryptocurrencies has come to offer. TBC has zero innovations, poor and inactive community the website as am writing is currently down.

According to my discovery, The Billion Coin (TBC) which claimed to be a peer to peer internet currency could turn out to be a potential scam, because it’s not genuine or legitimate.

However, the chances of TBC becoming legit slim as they claim it will go public if they reach 1 billion users that I doubt that will ever happen considering the way the price is artificially controlled.

Till then don’t put your hard earned money on TBC

Here’s are some additional facts th prove that The billion coin is not a cryptocurrency.

  1. The billion coin (TBC) is not listed on coinmarketcap which is the standard repository of digital currency in the crypto world.
  2. The value of TBC is claimed to always go up even refuting the law of gravity. The values is not base on the demand and supply of the coin and it’s not speculative.
  3. No reliable online exchange is listing the billion coin (TBC) on their exchange that means if the users by the time the coin crashing users who obtained it will be left with a worthless coin. This should be a concern for TBC members as you can not exchange your coin to any digital or fiat currency but only to a fellow member.
  4. It makes uses of a multi level marketing system to get new members.
  5. The billion coin (TBC) has no source code, no white paper, road map and worsen it is artificially mined as the miners are not displayed on the public ledger.


CryptoPing: Auto Trading Bot that will make Crypto Market easier

Cryptocurrency Auto Trading Robots makes life easier for blockchain investors and marketers.



Many Cryptocurrency Automatic Trading Robots are available for investors and marketers.

Undoubtedly, following up with the crypto market currency trends can be overwhelming and cumbersome, especially for a beginner in the business.

Even the experts also finds it tasky to follow up the market trends, strategies and also go on with the news concerning their coin investments.

As market keeps growing, so the tasks keeps getting more tough than usual, and that’s why you will see most Cryptocurrency investors carry their phones and gadgets to constantly check the current news on their favorite coins or tokens. Even though, some of the informations can be found in a particular place, yet it seems mostly difficult to assimilate it all and also use it immediately while it lasts.

Now the Auto-Trading will be doing most of the work while you sleep

According to CoinTelegraph, monitoring the crypto market has just been made a lot easier. CryptoPing, a bot that signals unusual actions on the market, has improved the services available for subscribers. Although it has been out there for a while, CryptoPing has now been enhanced in order to provide new data such as price/volume percentage increase. It also allows filtering assets by whitelists, blacklists, premine, and ICO or no ICO. CryptoPing also cross-references information from several currency trading platforms.

The new features also include signal reception delivered through an API, a system available only for subscribers who submit an API usage application. This allows downloading of a CSV that has your history into an account with the same data displayed in the dashboard.

The service also allows experienced traders to publish their trading insights so that new traders can follow their steps. The social trading system is only available to subscribers and allows users to become public traders, who are then ranked according to the performance of their signals.

Although CryptoPing is also available for free, non-subscribers are not able to follow other traders. Additionally, they only receive signals after all subscribers have received theirs, but users with free-tier accounts can now customize exchanges. For now, CryptoPing just cross references information from different trading platforms, but it is also developing the ability to analyse any news and social media posts. This unusual feature will help to predict alterations in prices even for assets which may not have been listed yet on any exchange platform.

The ultimate goal is for CryptoPing to evolve into an investing app. It will allow users to invest according to the filtered bot signals by adding users’ API keys, which will allow to trade directly through the app. Its second stage will feature an auto-trading option, designed to achieve “steady profits” for its users, as is specified in the company’s white paper.

Security is obviously an important issue when trading functionality is enabled. To guard against the possibility of accounts being hacked, CryptoPing servers will not hold any API keys. Instead, these keys will be stored on user’s devices.

The subscription is paid for in Ping, a token created specifically for this purpose, and it costs the Ping equivalent to $20. Ping is currently available on Tidex, YoBit and Waves DEX. From Dec. 20, 2017 until March 20, 2018 the company is offering the possibility of activating a free 30-day subscription for subscribers who maintain 100 PING in their account.

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