MetaMask Token – How to Add Or Send Custom Tokens

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Do you know you can add custom tokens to your MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet? Well, adding token to MetaMask is simple, and this content will guide on how to do it.

Previously, i wrote about how to the meaning of cryptocurrency airdrops and how to participate in getting airdrops. I also talked about some of the tools you will be needing to start receiving airdrops, and these tools are; ERC20 etherscan supported wallet address, Telegram and Twitter account etc.

Read more about airdrops and how to participate in it to get more crypto coins you can use to make money.

Though, i know a lot about airdrops, I’ll still have to be very sincere right here. Personally, do not try to get airdrop coins myself. Why? Because time is not always available for me to start setting my wallets up for it. I only had time to give it a try just to know all the processes involved, but never tried after the first time.

Lol… now am sounding like a deceptive person right now, uh? Have it in mind that this blog is established to teach you everything i have learned to make money with crypto coins. That i don’t do some of the things posted on the blog anymore doesn’t mean am going to deceive you into getting to invest in BS.

That been said, let’s discuss about how you can add custom tokens to MetaMask wallet. Firstly, just so you know, what Google Chrome is to the internet is what MetaMask is to Ethereum.

MetaMask ERC20 wallet

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency internet browser wallet on the Google chrome made to access ethereum blockchain through which it’s possible to manage all ERC20 tokens and Ether DApps (ETH). So it’s not wallet that allows you to only store, send, receive other tokens, but it also enable you to access all other known ethereum DApps.

The logo and UI also attracts you to start making use of it. See a short video about how metamask works below.

I figured out that people who would like to manage or send custom tokens to metamask always finds it very difficult, as they don’t really know how to use the metamask wallet or properly add a custom token to it.

One of the most common problem these people face is the inability to see custom tokens in the metamask crypto coin wallet. They don’t really know that metamask wallet does not support most ERC20 DApps by default. Some tokens are meant to be added manually for them to see it.

Now, i guess the long talk is enough to describe why you need to add custom tokens by yourself. Let’s dive into how to do it the right way.

How to add custom tokens to MetaMask

Before we start, just know that this is a Do-It-Yourself guide to adding custom tokens to metamask crytocurrency wallet.

In this tutorial you will learn how to add ERC20 tokens to the wallet easily with a step-by-step instructions.

Get started with the right steps to add those custom tokens.

Step #1. Open and log into metamask


Step #2. Goto ‘Tokens‘ tab immediately you login

Step #3. Click on ‘Add Token‘ button as shown in the image below

Add token metamask

Step #4. Fetch all the details required for the token you will like to add to your metamask crypto wallet.

The details you will need to fetch are:

A. Token Symbol
B. Token Decimals
C. Token Contract Address

Step #5. Find desired token with Etherscan


Let’s say you want to add a token called NucleusVision, you will need to visit and find it in the token list.

Step #6. As soon as you see the token in the list just click on the name

Step #7. Now copy all the details (like; Contract address and Decimals) you need to add it to the wallet

ERC20 tokens

See example of how the details you will copy will look like:

• Token Symbol: Latest MetaMask can get this automatically
• Token Decimals: 18
• Token Contract Address:0xBS7777EGW83HJS678SUA7...

Note: Token contact address is always shown as an alphanumeric long HEXADECIMAL code.

Step #8. Input those details you got from Etherscan at the appropriate space boxes in MetaMask wallet and ‘Add‘ it by click the button next to it.

Once you successfully add the custom token to the wallet, you will be able to see the balance or amount of the token you have already. Use this process to always add any custom ERC20 token to your MetaMask wallet anytime.

How to send or transfer tokens out of metamask wallet

The new metamask beta version made this process simple.

Before, you have to connect MetaMask to MyEtherWallet or any other open source Ethereum wallet. But now, with the new beta verion of metamask, you can directly send tokens without any other wallet getting involved.

Note: You will need a small amount of Ethereum to be in the wallet for the token transfer to work. ETH serves as the GAS fee.

Firstly, you will need to download the latest version of MetaMask. As at the time of writing this post, it’s only the BETA version that can transfer or send out tokens.

You need to open metamask wallet, click on your account and select ‘Try Beta‘.

Custom tokens metamask wallet

The moment you do this, you will see the instant changeon the user interface. It will look more sleek with more whiteapaces everywhere. By this time, the send feature to send or transfer custom tokens out will be activated already.

MetaMask tokens

Now click on the top left side menu hamburger so you will see all the tokens you have available for sending out. Select the tokens you wish to transfer to another wallet and hit the ‘Send‘ button, then you add the recipient wallet address you wish to send the airdrop coins.

MetaMask tokens sending

Now, this is how you can send or transfer any token from metamask to an exchange or any wallet. I recommended using Ledger hardware wallet to safely store your coins to avoid loosing it to theft or hackers.

Ledger Nano S Wallet

You can read my post on the best cryptocurrency hardware wallets to safely store your coins.

Final thoughts with custom tokens and MetaMask

MetaMask is a self-hosted cryptocurrency wallet for storing Ether and other Ethereum based tokens, so it’s necessary to master this particluar process to be able to add any custom ERC20 token safely. But i always recommend usage of hardware wallets to store tokens.

However, you will see that the process is very simple and doesn’t you to be a technical about the whole thing to have your desired tokens added to the ERC20 enabled wallet. By the way, i hope this helps you with the problem of not being able to add custom tokens to MetaMask etherscan wallet.

If by any chance you don’t see a particular token in your MetaMask wallet, don’t start panicing yet. Just know that the token is not added by default, so you need this simple process to add it up like a PRO. I will suggest you bookmark this page for future reference whenever you face difficulties seeing custom tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

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